A burning rage

A burning rage short film – 22′ – 2024 SYNOPSIS Romuald, a member of an anti-migrant group in Calais (France), reveals how he challenged his racist ideals after participating in a meal distribution for refugees. Without reservation, he takes us along in a radical self-examination. DIRECTION Emilien Cancet PRODUCTION Xbo films Following a Master’s degree […]

Still here to tell the story

Still here to tell the story short film – 12’40 – 2024 SYNOPSIS On November 18th, 2018, along the ring road in Calais, Eritreans are watching for the next trucks to England. But that day, on the roundabout just below, the Yellow Vests are fighting their first battle. DIRECTION Emilien Cancet PRODUCTION Xbo films Following a […]


Expenditure short film – 17’45 – 2022 SYNOPSIS From the confines of the cosmos to our intimacy, from consumption to consumption, from the fatality of things to reasoned destruction, a reflection on spending, on its limits, on our limits. DIRECTION Sylvain Luini SCRIPT Marc Sastre PRODUCTION Xbo films Born on June 1st 1967 in Montauban, […]

The Dragon of Calais – Show

The Dragon of Calais – Show Recording of a live performance – 20′ – 2021 SYNOPSIS In November 2019, the famous Dragon of the Compagnie La Machine appears in Calais. The directors Dominique Deluze and Sylvain Luini have made an exclusive recording of this show to immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of this exceptional […]

The Field of Giants

The Field of Giants Auteur documentary – 51′ – 2020 SYNOPSIS For four days in November 2018, the city of Toulouse experienced an unprecedented shock: a gigantic 47-ton Minotaur and a 6-meter tall Spider invaded its streets, followed by almost a million spectators. This monumental event, the likes of which have never before been seen, announced […]

The Dragon of Calais

The Dragon of Calais Auteur documentary – 52′ – 2020 SYNOPSIS This choral film presents an intimate portrait of the city of Calais, whose citizens’ lives will soon be turned upside down by a major cultural event : the arrival of a wooden and steel Sea Dragon, the symbol of the city’s redevelopment plan. For the […]


Blindfolded Auteur documentary – 57′ – 2019 SYNOPSIS Blindfolded on the football pitch, I am in the dark. Pitch black. I hear a voice in front of me… ‘Right goalpost!’ I try to imagine the position of the right goalpost. And then ‘Left goalpost!’… Then ‘Focus!’, with these three pieces of information, I’m supposed to […]

The Guardian of the Temple

The Guardian of the Temple Recording of a live performance – 35’50 – 2019 SYNOPSIS For a few days – and then permanently – Toulouse will live to the rhythm of a mythological opera orchestrated by the company « La Machine » and its famous expert mechanics. A Minotaur weighing several tons appeared one morning, […]

The barber shop

The barber shop Short film – 16’12 – 2017 SYNOPSIS Surrendering themselves to razors and scissors, Emran, Gadisa and Maher are having their hair cut or beard trimmed. Sitting in front of the mirror, their thoughts drift between memories of home and the tragic events of the journey that brought them here, to the Calais […]

The Island’s Machines, an urban project

The Island’s Machines, an urban project Auteur documentary – 52′ – 2013 SYNOPSIS This documentary retraces the three-year creation of a monumental sculptural work of art : the carousel of Marine Worlds. This merry-go-round, with its unique shapes, dimensions, and its references to Nantes’ maritime history, is only a first step in the much more […]