The Expert Mechanics

The Expert Mechanics Auteur documentary – 50′ – 2009 SYNOPSIS A Machine is secretly installed in an enormous warehouse in Liverpool’s industrial zone. Assembly, training, staging : more than a month of work and considerable sums of money will be required to bring the flock of mechanical animals to life. Then for three days, they will […]

Live in Yokohama

Live in Yokohama Auteur documentary – 49′ – 2009 SYNOPSIS Six months after disappearing in Liverpool, the spider reappears in Yokohama’s harbor, in Japan. A second spider soon joins it in the kingdom of technology. A masterful pas de deux brings a unique theatrical experience to a city unaccustomed to this type of urban invasion. […]

The Mechanical Symphony

The Mechanical Symphony Auteur documentary – 64′ – 2009 SYNOPSIS “When we know the rules, we get bored” said François Delarozière. So, with his accomplice, the composer Mino Malan, they take a path that diverges from what currently exists. The Mechanical Symphony’s theater takes place in the wings of a concert hall ; a real […]

The young lady from Chandigarh

The young lady from Chandigarh Auteur documentary – 68′ – 2008 SYNOPSIS In a few hours, she will take the journey of her lifetime. As she leaves for India, she feels as though she were going to Paradise or Utopia. She dreams of solving the enigma of her childhood : her « Indianess ». The young lady from […]

The Sultan of India’s visit on his time-traveling elephant

The Sultan of India’s visit on his time-traveling elephant Auteur documentary – 52′ – 2007 SYNOPSIS « – LITTLE GIANT ON VACATION STOP – COME TO SEE THE SULTAN’S ELEPHANT STOP – WILL SPEND THREE DAYS WITH HIM STOP – » signed THE BIG GIANT. From October 26 to 29, 2006, the theater company, “Royal […]

The voyages of the Royal de Luxe

The voyages of the Royal de Luxe Auteur documentary – 200′ – 2006 SYNOPSIS Three documentaries that travel the world in the span of almost 20 years, three films take us from the beginnings of the “Royal de Luxe” in Africa and China. The company develops its art of exchange as it journeys across different […]

Royal de Luxe and the myth of the Giant

Royal de Luxe and the myth of the Giant Auteur documentary – 120′ – 2006 SYNOPSIS The myth of the Giant recounts the epic of the Giant who first arrives on earth in the city of Le Havre. He comes back a second time, with a wooden leg, before embarking on a journey to Africa. […]

Freed Faces

Freed Faces Auteur documentary – 73′ – 2005 SYNOPSIS In June, 2002, citizens of Toulouse witnessed the unveiling of huge portraits on buildings in Empalot neighborhood. This marked the end of a long project that some of the housing-project residents participated in, despite their initial skepticism. For the rest of the city, these faces, which […]