Sacha and the Christmas creatures

TV special – 26′ – development


Sacha, a lonely little girl, is having a hard time with her parents’ recent separation and is withdrawing into herself. This year, it is with a heavy heart that she awaits Christmas and family festivities. On the evening of December 24, however, she finds herself miraculously transported into a wonderful and magical world, where all the Christmas creatures live. The extraordinary adventure she is about to embark on, accompanied by Gorko, a «monster» with a big heart, will transform her, leading her to finally open up to others. A poetic tale in the form of a road movie, Sacha and the Christmas Creatures is an ode to the acceptance of others and to tolerance.


Laura Cruciani & Pierre-Adrien Lecerf


Delphine Dubos


Xbo films



With the support of CNC, Région Occitanie, Procirep and Angoa