The Homonobos

TV series – 52 x 1’30 – development


Before man, there was Man. Or at least an attempt at Man : the Homonobo. This series invites us to plunge into the past– into prehistoric times. We begin with the remnants of this failed first attempt at humanity, which has been left out of the history books. Lacking any real intelligence, and without any particular desire or ambition, yet with the distant glimmer of humanity in the depths of its eyes, the Homonobo wrote the rough draft of the first chapter in human history. It this unjustly forgotten draft which we invite you to discover : the brief, but none the less extraordinary saga of the Homonobo, who was not ready, but who tried anyways.


Jean-Louis Marco & Aurélien Rodriguez


Jean-Louis Marco & Aurélien Rodriguez


Des Singes Animés & Xbo Films


digital 2D

With the support of CNC, Région Occitanie and Région Nouvelle Aquitaine