Auteur documentary – 57′ – 2019


Blindfolded on the football pitch, I am in the dark. Pitch black. I hear a voice in front of me… ‘Right goalpost!’ I try to imagine the position of the right goalpost. And then ‘Left goalpost!’… Then ‘Focus!’, with these three pieces of information, I’m supposed to shoot a penalty.


Gérard Mailleau


Gérard Mailleau


Xbo films & Via Occitanie

Gérard was introduced to the world of sound thanks to his love of music and the expansion of local radio in the 80s. Since then his once a budding passion has become his career. Broadcast technician for various television channels, boom operator for fiction films, and finally head sound engineering technician. With over 30 years of experience, he has collaborated with many television broadcasts, documentaries, TV movies, and traditional films. Parallel to his professional activités, he curiousity has lead him to explore new techniques of sound perception, like binaural sounds. He was particularly interested in developing a new tool that works with visual elements to recreate 3D sound. Immersive and spatial sound gave the opportunity to shake up the relationship between sound and image. Since the directors he has normally worked with were never interested in going in this direction, he decided to go out on his own, directing and designing the sound for his first documentary film.

Bruno Benekck Award au FICTS Fest – Sport Movies & TV 2019 (Italy)

Festival International du Film sur le Handicap (FIFH) 2020 (France) / Festival Résistances 2021 (France) / FICTS Fest – Sport Movies & TV 2019 (Italy) / Mediteran Film Festival 2020 (Bosnia) / Beijing International FICTS Festival 2020 (China) / Liberec International FICTS Festival 2020 (Czech Républic)

With the support of Région Occitanie, Procirep-Angoa and the CNC