short film – 15′ – development


In February 2017, I saw Gigi again for the first time in more than 10 years. Before that, I was friends with a person who I thought was Guillaume. She tells me about her transformation from her childhood as a little fish to the mermaid she is today.


Cynthia Calvi


Cynthia Calvi & Gigi


Xbo Films


digital 2D

With the support of CNC - Pre-production assistance for short film production, Writing and development assistance FAIA, Région Occitanie, Pictanovo, Toulouse Métropole, Procirep and Angoa. Selected for Pitchs at the Festival National du Film d'Animation de Rennes 2020. « From writing to image » residency in Saint-Quirin. Arte Award at Pitchs MIFA at Annecy Festival 2021.