It wasn’t Bourgogne

short film – 6’38 – 2020


Between two phone calls, my grandfather tells us war stories from when he was 20 years old.


Mathias de Panafieu


Mathias de Panafieu


Xbo films


digital 2D 


MIYU Distribution

Mathias de Panafieu was born in 1986 in Paris. Passionate about cartoons and animation, in 2004 he began his studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Poitiers in their moving-image program. While there, he met Sonia Gerbeaud who became his artistic life partner. In 2013, they made their first short film, Faded Finery, garnering over 130 festival nominations and some fifteen awards. Mathias and Sonia travelled around the world with their film and took advantage of the opportunity to merge their passion for cartoons and travel, producing illustrated travel journals. In 2017, Mathias began to to work on a film that he had planned to create on his own, based on the memories of his grandfather, Jacques d’Ivernois, during the Second World War. However, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, and Mathias was faced with the double challenge of combatting his illness and continuing to work on his film. As creative and humorous as ever, Mathias documented this new ‘adventure,’ in a series of illustrated short stories that he addresses to his loved ones. With their help, he held out for a year and almost completed his film, but on 1st July 2019 the cancer eventually overcame him. Sonia, Mathias’ brother, and numerous friends rallied together and managed to complete his film at the end of 2020, It wasn’t Bourgogne (C’était pas du Bourgogne).

Jury Prize at the Ismailia International Film Festival 2022 (Egypt)
Professional Jury Prize at the Mino competition at Plein la bobine 2021 (France)
Valois René Laloux at the Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême 2021 (France)
Audience Award at Festival International du Film de Fiction Historique at Plaisance du Touch 2022 (France)

Doc Cévennes 2023 (France) / Voix d’étoiles 2022 (France) / Des courts en bas des tours 2022 (France) / Rencontres du Cinéma d’Animation 2022 (France) / Festival International du Film de Fiction Historique 2022 (France) / Festival Plein la bobine Festival 2021 (France) / Un Festival c’est trop court Festival Européen du court métrage de Nice 2021 (France) / Off Courts Trouville 2021 (France) / Québec autour du court 2021 (France) / Festival National du Film d’Animation de Bruz – Rennes Métropole 2021 (France) / Faites de l’Image 2021 (France) / Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême 2021 (France) / Séquence court métrage 2021 (France) / Escales documentaires 2021 (France) /Les Nuits Magiques 2021 (France) / Fest’Anima 2021 (France) …

ReAnimania 2023 (Armenia) / Factual Animation Film Festival 2023 (England) / Cambridge Film Festival 2022 (England) / Future Film Festival 2022 (Italy) / Sardinia Film Festival 2022 (Sardinia) / Festival of Animation Berlin 2022 (Germany) / Mecal Pro, International Short and Animation Festival 2022 (Spain) / Ismailia International Film Festival 2022 (Egypt) / Kaboom festival 2022 (Netherlands) /Athens Animfest 2022 (Greece) /Animac Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animacio de Catalunya 2021 (Spain) / Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films 2021 (Czech Republic) / Animayo International Festival of Animated Films, Visual Effects and Videogames 2021 (Spain) / Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2021 (Jordan) / Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021 (USA) / TAFF – Turku Animated Film Festival 2021 (Finland) / Rising of Lusitania – AnimaDoc Film Festival 2021 (Poland) / Festival of Nations 2021 (Austria) / Spark Animation 2021 (Canada) / Feinaki Beijing Animation Week 2021 (China) / Anim’est Bucharest International Animation Film Festival 2021 (Romania)…

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