Little players

TV series  – 126 x 1’30 – 2011


In a few minutes, you will have the chance to to witness a new Summer Olympic Games event. The sun shines on Nothing Hill and, just as always, the competition is to proceed with the most distinguished sense of British a fair-play. But look carefully, because our Olympic Games take place at lawn-level, at one fiftieth of the normal size. The audience is friendly and the athletes are toys. In these miniature Olympic Games, there are no complicated rules because participation is what counts. But watch, that catcher has a mean look about him… will he decided to ruin everything ?


Bruno Collet 


Bruno Collet & Jean-François Le Corre


Vivement Lundi !, Nadasdy Film, Xbo Films, France 3 & RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse



Special jury award at China Changzhou International Animation Art Festival 2011 (China) / 1rst mention for best TV series at Expotoons International Animation Festival 2011 (Argentina) / 2nd place for best TV series at Xiamen International Animation Festival 2012 (China)

Festival Trois Jours Très Courts 2011 (France) / Anifest de Téplice 2011 (Czech Republic) / Cartoons on the bay 2011 (Italy) / FIFA Annecy 2011 (France) / Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011 (Canada) / Curtas Vilado Conde 2012 (Portugal) / BCN Sports Film Festival 2012 (Spain) /European Youth film festival of Flanders 2012 (Belgium) / Anima Mundi 2012 (Brazil) / MECAL 2012 (Spain) / SICAF 2012 (South Corea) / TAAFI Toronto 2013 (Canada) / Anima Cordoba 2013 (Argentina) / World Festival of Animated Film Varna 2013 (Bulgaria)

With the support of France 3 Régions, Pakapaka, CNC, Région Bretagne, Région Midi-Pyrénées and Procirep-Angoa