short film – 11’09 – 2010


A cartoon character evolves in a two dimensional world. Busy tracing squares in his personal space, he suddenly finds himself face to face with a 3D cube. This encounter confronts him with his own flatness, and limits. From then on, using the cube, he will seek to expand his universe with this new dimension, while the backdrop is relentlessly pulling him back to his initial state, with the help of increasingly fantastical illusions.


Léonard Cohen


Léonard Cohen


ENSAD, La Ménagerie & Xbo films


traditional 2D, stop-motion

Best thesis film and Junior Jury award at Annecy Festival 2011 (France) / Special mention from the jury at SICAF 2011 (South Corea) / RTP2 Award at Festival Monstra of Lisbonne 2012 (Portugal) / Special mention at Multivision 2012 (Russia) / Award for best animation at Festival Interfilm Berlin 2011 (Germany)

Festival international de courts métrages de Clermont Ferrand 2011 (France) / Festival Ici et Demain 2011 (France) / Festival des cultures francophones de Munich 2011 (Germany) / La Semaine Tout Court 2011 (France) / Tolosa Tourne 2011 (France) / Beyruth Animated 2011 (Libanon) / ANIMAYO International Festival 2011 (Spain) / Wiz-Art 2011 (Ukraine) / International Animated Film Festival Animator 2011 (Poland) / Festival International du Film d’Animation Animatou 2011 (Switzerland) / Se-ma-for Film Festival 2011 (Switzerland) / Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation 2011 (Germany) / Un festival c’est trop court 2011 (France) / Les Nuits Magiques 2011 (France) / 3rd Wire 2011 (Spain)

With the support of Région Midi-Pyrénées and Sacem (Gindou). In collaboration with Arte