The voyages of the Royal de Luxe

Auteur documentary – 200′ – 2006


Three documentaries that travel the world in the span of almost 20 years, three films take us from the beginnings of the “Royal de Luxe” in Africa and China. The company develops its art of exchange as it journeys across different continents, integrating the myths, tales and legends of the various cultures it encounters, as well as artists of all nationalities, who gradually swell the company’s ranks. An imperturbable, intricate logic emerges, each experience nourishing the next, and shedding light on the previous one… we are invited on this a treasure hunt by Jean Luc Courcoult’s theatrical experience.


Dominique Deluze


Dominique Deluze


Xbo films

With the suppot of Royal de Luxe, Shellac Sud and Malavida