School Monitors

TV series – 52 x 2′ – development


The job of a middle school monitor is difcult, sometimes unrewarding, but never boring.Together, Stéphanie, Julie, Arnaud, Sandra, and Marie form the School Monitor dream team.
Confronted with humorous, absurd, sometimes touching, sometimes cruel situations, the team will employ any method at their disposal: from sharp humor, to old-fashioned yelling, to the most utter disinterest… all to guide adolescents through puberty’s troubled waters. If possible, without capsizing their own boat…


Marie-Pierre Hauwelle & Gildas Rigo


Marie-Pierre Hauwelle & Gildas Rigo


Xbo films


digital 2D

With the support of Région Occitanie, CNC, and Procirep-Angoa