Still here to tell the story

short film – 12’40 – 2024


On November 18th, 2018, along the ring road in Calais, Eritreans are watching for the next trucks to England. But that day, on the roundabout just below, the Yellow Vests are fighting their first battle.


Emilien Cancet


Xbo films

Following a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages, I started as a photoreporter and worked for the newspaper Libération and Agence France Presse desk in Paris. Attracted by real-life cinema, I trained in documentary filmmaking and have since collaborated on several productions as director of photography. For around twelve years, I have been making creative documentaries broadcast on TV, web and winning awards at festivals, in France and abroad. Through my films, I have been particularly interested in exiled populations in Europe, focusing on the words of my characters and what they have difficulty expressing.