The boy and the elephant

short film – 6’44 – 2022


The arrival of a new elephant-headed student in class triggers mockery and sarcasm. One of the students seems captivated and disturbed by this strange child.


Sonia Gerbeaud


Sonia Gerbeaud


Xbo films


digital 2D, traditional 2D


Autour de Minuit
Les Films du Préau

After five intense years studying at the Beaux-Arts de Poitiers, Sonia Gerbeaud collaborated with Mathias de Panafieu for her first short animation film, Oripeaux. Afterwhich, she splits her time between travel, illustration and writing. Then, she collaborated with Mathias de Panafieu on his animated documentary C’était pas du Bourgogne. The boy and the elephant the first film she has written and directed alone.

FICAM à Meknès 2022 (Marocco), Flatpack Festival à Birmingham 2022 (UK), Curtas Vila do Conde 2022 (Portugal), Festival de films pour enfants d’Athènes 2022 (Greece), Festival Fenêtres sur courts 2022 (France), Anibar 2022 (Kosovo), Buster Film Festival 2022 (Denmark), Chilemonos 2022 (Chile), Imaginaria 2022 (Italy), Supertoon 2022 (Croatia), Séquence Court 2022 (France), Partie(s) de Campagne 2022 (France), Festival de la Petite école du film court 2022 (France) / Turku Animated Film Festival 2022 (Finland) / Filmets Badalona Film Festival 2022 (Spain) / Dok Leipzig 2022 (Germany) / Kaohsiung Film Archive 2022 (Taiwan) / Off Courts 2022 (France) / Ale Kino 2022 (Poland) / Festival du film court de Brest 2022 (France) / El Meu Primer Festival 2022 (Espagne) / Tindirindis 2022 (Lithuania) / Animasyros 2022 (Greece) / Animatou 2022 (Switzerland) / KuanDu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) 2022 (Taiwan) / Cinanima 2022 (Portugal) / Cinemagic International Film Festival for Young People 2022 (Ireland)

With the support of CNC, Région Occitanie, Toulouse Métropole, Procirep and Angoa. In collaboration with Les Films du Préau.