The Predicate and the Poppy

short film – 23′ – 2013


In a neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris, in the middle of the projects, there is an elementary school. Known for being very difficult, the school has high teacher turnover, until five inexperienced but motivated young teachers band together and chose to stay. They talk about their daily lives in this place where together, they are trying to construct a school like all the others.


Jeanne Paturle & Cécile Rousset


Jeanne Paturle & Cécile Rousset


Les Films d’Ici & Xbo films


cut-out, traditional 2D, paint-on-glass animation

Award-winning at Festival Partie(s) de Campagne 2014 (France) / High school and student award at Festival Filmer le travail 2015 (France) / César Award pre-selection to compete for the best animated short 2016

Etats généraux du film documentaire de Lussas 2014 (France) / Festival International du court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand 2015 (France) / Gindou Cinéma 2015 (France) / Rencontres du film documentaire de Mellionnec 2014 (France) / Festival du film documentaire de politiques publiques 2014 (France) / Festival Animatou 2014 (Switzerland) / Dok Leipzig 2014 (Germany) / Festival Alcine 2014 (Spain) / Festival National du film d’animation Bruz – Rennes metropole 2014 (France) / Festival Ecolywoo 2014 (France) / Athens Animfest 2015 (Greece) / Festival de Lasalle DOC Cévennes 2015 (France) / Dokuma Film Festival 2015 (Croatia) / Séquence court-métrage 2015 (France) / RISC – Rencontres Internationales Science et Cinéma 2015 (France) / French Film Festival – Richmond 2015 (USA) / Festival International du Film de La Rochelle 2015 (France) / Festival Résistances Foix 2015 (France) / Festival Phare 2015 (France)

With the support of Région Midi-Pyrénées and CNC. In collaboration with France Télévisions - France 3