The Dragon of Calais - Show

Recording of a live performance – 20′ – 2021


In November 2019, the famous Dragon of the Compagnie La Machine appears in Calais. The directors Dominique Deluze and Sylvain Luini have made an exclusive recording of this show to immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of this exceptional moment and to discover the fantastic arrival of the Dragon in Calais.


Dominique Deluze & Sylvain Luini


Sylvain Luini & Dominique Deluze


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Following a Masters degree in Applied Foreign Languages, Emilien Cancet started working as a photographer for a  report on the excesses of greenhouse farming in Andalusia. He then studied documentary film and worked as a cameraman and editor for Libération and as a photographer for AFP in Paris. In 2011, he began filming the documentary, Playground, that was awarded the Youth Competition Prize at Les Escales Documentaires in La Rochelle in 2014. In addition to his personal projects, he works as a photographer for the news and for events, he’s also a cinematographer and director for various production companies and businesses. His work mainly focuses on human beings and different perceptions of the contemporary world.