TV pilot – 5’45 – 2015


A voice guides us into a swarming and colorful world, where we discover the ecosystem of the ZooZ : its conflicts, cooperative ventures, laws governing the inhabitants’ diet and movements, and the general equilibrium that sustains this little universe. And because it isn’t very big, connections are made quickly, this can be used for that, and this animal that we saw here, there it is again elsewhere…




Romain Blanc-Tailleur


Romain Blanc-Tailleur & Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu


Xbo films


digital and traditional 2D

Silver Award Best animated Series au Cyber Sousa Xiamen International Animation Festival 2016 (China)
Best TV serie au Non Stop Barcelona Animacio 2016 (Spain)

Internationales Trickfilm Festival Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2016 (Germany) / Cartoon Club Festival 2016 (Italy) / Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival 2016 (Korea) / Festival du Film Court de l’Isle-Adam 2016 (France) / Balkanima European Animated Film Festival 2016 (Serbia) / ReAnimania Festival 2016 (Armenia) / Rencontres Internationales Sciences & Cinémas (RISC) 2016 (France) / Festival International Séquence Court métrage 2016 (France) / Piccolo Festival Animazione 2016 (Italy) / Festival Imagine Science Paris 2017 (France) / Festival Courtscourts 2017 (France) / PIAFF, Festival International du Film d’Animation de Paris 2017 (France) / Imagine Science Festival – New York 2017 (USA) / Festival du Court Métrage au Pays de Gabin 2017 (France) / Cartoons on the bay Pulcinella Awards 2018 (Italy)

With the support of Région Midi-Pyrénées and CNC (FAIA) and Procirep-Angoa