The Field of Giants

Auteur documentary – 51′ – 2020


For four days in November 2018, the city of Toulouse experienced an unprecedented shock: a gigantic 47-ton Minotaur and a 6-meter tall Spider invaded its streets, followed by almost a million spectators. This monumental event, the likes of which have never before been seen, announced the opening of the Halle of the Machine’s historic “Field of Giants” the next week, in Montaurdran. The Halle, under the direction of François Delarozière, is a living and spectacular museum that displays the company’s creations : poetic and inspiring performing machines of all sizes. The aforementioned events, which founded a new mythology of the city of Toulouse, almost never came to pass. The project, which began in 2012, was debated, fought over, suspended, and then finally relaunched six years later. The film provides an immersive glimpse behind the scenes of the Halle of the Machine as well as the show, “The Guardian of the Temple”, and a close look at the actors of this colossal adventure. The project’s directors, Dominique Deluze and Sylvain Luini, tell us the story of the project’s cultural, political and urban stakes.


Dominique Deluze & Sylvain Luini


Dominique Deluze


France 3 Occitanie & Xbo films

With the support of Région Occitanie Pyrénées - Méditerranée