The Hole

short film – 12’36 – 2020


Set to music, the life of a child passes before our eyes. A very small boy is given a hat. He was given a hat so that he could assume his manly role. He’s a cowboy. He begins his life. A gunshot rings. He gets up, puts himself back together, picks up his hat. He heads out in pursuit of the shooter…


Fred Gobin


Fred Gobin


Xbo films


chalk animation, rotoscopy

Prize The Animation Film Festival Stripe Tale (USA)

Festival du Film Court en Armagnac 2020 (France) / Almeria Western Film Festival 2019 (Spain) / Parana Internacional Films Festival 2020 (Argentina) / Animaevka 2020 (Belarus) / Cairo International Film Festival 2020 (Egypt) / The Animation Film Festival Stripe Tale 2021 (USA) 

With the support of Région Occitanie