The Island’s Machines, an urban project

Auteur documentary – 52′ – 2013


This documentary retraces the three-year creation of a monumental sculptural work of art : the carousel of Marine Worlds. This merry-go-round, with its unique shapes, dimensions, and its references to Nantes’ maritime history, is only a first step in the much more ambitious adventure it represents : the Island’s Machines project in Nantes. This film dives into the thick of the action and  examines alongside the project’s main protagonists, the different ways in which works of arts, and more generally, the imagination, can shape a city and thus inform the perspectives of an entire community… The works of art in question are the creations of François Delarozière, who designed these monumental animated mechanics.


Dominique Deluze


Dominique Deluze


Xbo films, France 3 Pays-de-la-Loire & CNRS Images

With the support of CNC and Procirep-Angoa-Agicoa