The Sultan of India’s visit on his time-traveling elephant

Auteur documentary – 52′ – 2007


« – LITTLE GIANT ON VACATION STOP – COME TO SEE THE SULTAN’S ELEPHANT STOP – WILL SPEND THREE DAYS WITH HIM STOP – » signed THE BIG GIANT. From October 26 to 29, 2006, the theater company, “Royal de Luxe” added two characters to their Giants’ Saga, which has been enchanting the citizens of Le Havre for almost 15 years. A 12 meter tall Elephant and a 5 and a half meter tall little Giant. Not a single chapter of this story has escaped the camera of the director Dominique Deluze, who invites us to discover the intrigue of “the Sultan of India’s visit on his time-traveling elephant” and to seize this unique opportunity to witness the making of that intrinsic part of each of us : the myth !


Dominique Deluze


Dominique Deluze


Xbo films, Royal de Luxe & France 3 Sud

With the support of CNC and Région Midi-Pyrénées