The Survival of the species

TV pilot – 5′ – 2021


All that remains of humanity (and of the world that it knew), are robots and the “Museum of Man” which contains the talking head of Dr. De Wilde, an unlikely prophet, who is unaware of our species’ extinction. Using the depictions of humanity that surround him (mainly toys), and a cynical humour well suited to his situation, Dr. De Wilde tries to explain to our successors why and how we plummeted into disaster. Will he succeed in making the robots to understand the beings that created them? Will they even care?


Julien Vray & Guillaume Gravier


Paul Jorion & Grégory Makles


Lardux Films & Xbo films


live action & stop-motion

With the support of CNC, Région Occitanie, CICLIC, Procirep and Angoa