The theory of the cat

short film – 6’41 – 2009


When his father calls him for dinner, a child is devoured by a hoard of cats in the hallway leading to the kitchen. This is the frightening preamble to his nightmares, which repeats like film credits. The resolution to this pre-nightmare anxiety is a metaphor for the transition to adulthood: overcoming fears, accepting social norms and learning to negotiate. However, the nightmares themselves continue; they are real, and they last a lifetime.


Fred Gobin


Fred Gobin


La Ménagerie & Xbo films


chalkboard animation, pixilation

Festival du court-métrage Silhouette 2009 (France) / Fête de l’animation 2009 (France) / Séquence court-métrage 2009 (France) / Forum des images 2009 (France) / Festival européen du film d’animation Balkanima 2009 (Serbia) / Festival du film d’animation Animated Dreams 2009 (Estonia)

With the support of CNC and Région Midi-Pyrénées. In collaboration with Arte.