Everything comes from water

Everything comes from water short film – 23′ – development SYNOPSIS In 1957, in a working-class district of Caracas, young José became aware of a reality rife with injustice in a country where wealth was pouring in. He became viscerally committed to the revolutionary struggle to change Venezuelan society. Sixty-five years on, José recounts his […]


Allo short film – 15′ – development SYNOPSIS While 11 million people feel lonely in France, associations offer isolated individuals the opportunity to chat over the phone with volunteers. Conceived as a journey through telephone conversations between volunteers and isolated individuals, this animated short film tells the story of an invisible connection: one that forms […]

Nothing is lost

Nothing is lost short film – 23′ – development SYNOPSIS In a factory threatened with closure, Adèle (production manager) and the employees struggle to maintain their recycling and paper-making activity. The arrival of a whimsical buyer will upset the balance of a fragile ecosystem. His “visionary” plan : to convert the plant to produce luxury […]


Terminal short film – 12′ – development SYNOPSIS Jorge, in his fifties, returns after thirty years of wandering around the world to his mother, Carmen. Jorge suffers from a serious illness and wants to leave forever. Helping someone to die can be a sublime proof of love… DIRECTION Alexandre Siqueira SCRIPT Alexandre Siqueira PRODUCTION BAP […]

Little White Queen

Little White Queen short film – 15′ – development SYNOPSIS Plunged into the warm darkness of a summer night, the streetlights of Ottignies illuminate cars floating in the air. The next morning, a crop circle in the shape of an hourglass appears on the Place du Centre, now a parking lot. Two teams of pelota […]

Better days

Better days short film – 12′ – development SYNOPSIS During a particularly hot summer, the daily horoscope announces, without fail, that better days are coming. Lisa, a lonely twenty-five years old woman looking for love, meticulously listens to every advice from the fortune teller. Yet, despite these enchanting predictions, her daily life shows more and more distortions. DIRECTION Astrid […]

Contes d’Oc

Contes d’Oc TV series – 10 x 3’30’ – production SYNOPSIS Through a humorous and poetic vision, the Contes d’Oc propose to revive the main Occitan tales. It is a dive into a strange universe, populated with colorful characters, fantastic creatures, disturbing monsters where improbable adventures take place.  DIRECTION Nikita Fraysse SCRIPT Fred Gobin & […]

As if the earth had swallowed them up

As if the earth had swallowed them up short film – 12′ – development SYNOPSIS She is dead. I look for her, knowing I won’t find her. She is no longer alive. Here she is dead; here I am. I am still alive by luck, fortune, fate or chance, because ten women are murdered every […]

The Question

The Question short film – 20′ – in development SYNOPSIS Paris, a winter’s night in 1958. Jérôme Lindon, director of the Éditions des Minuits, is secretly visited by Gilberte Alleg, wife of the French journalist Henri Alleg, who brings him the manuscript “The Question”, a detailed account of the torture suffered by Alleg in the […]

The Treasure of the Wyrm

The Treasure of the Wyrm feature film – 80′ – development SYNOPSIS During the cold winter of the year 1000, Saint Anselm is forced to leave the solitude of his hermitage on Devil’s Ledge to accompany Ranin, a feral child who doesn’t speak, laugh or cry, on a quest to find the child’s stolen tears. […]