The Homonobos

The Homonobos TV series – 52 x 1’30 – development SYNOPSIS Before man, there was Man. Or at least an attempt at Man : the Homonobo. This series invites us to plunge into the past– into prehistoric times. We begin with the remnants of this failed first attempt at humanity, which has been left out of […]

School Monitors

School Monitors TV series – 52 x 2′ – development SYNOPSIS The job of a middle school monitor is difcult, sometimes unrewarding, but never boring.Together, Stéphanie, Julie, Arnaud, Sandra, and Marie form the School Monitor dream team.Confronted with humorous, absurd, sometimes touching, sometimes cruel situations, the team will employ any method at their disposal: from […]

Sacha and the Christmas creatures

Sacha and the Christmas creatures TV special – 26′ – development SYNOPSIS Sacha, a lonely little girl, is having a hard time with her parents’ recent separation and is withdrawing into herself. This year, it is with a heavy heart that she awaits Christmas and family festivities. On the evening of December 24, however, she […]


Zoobox TV spécial – 26′ – In production SYNOPSIS Every day the curious and enthusiastic little kangaroo Kerala looks forward to discovering the strange world around her. Kerala lives in a extraordinary place: Noah’s Ark! Kera and her little gang of friends, Rudolph the pink flamingo, Lina the crocodile and Burt the buffalo, are kept […]

We decide together !

We decide together ! creative documentary – 52′ – development SYNOPSIS We know what people need. We can think, choose, decide together. We are no longer afraid of men or the powerful. We have defeated the submissive part of ourselves. We are Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, and Chechens : women and men of different faiths. We are […]


Green Line auteur documentary – 90′ – production SYNOPSIS I thought I knew Nour and that we loved each other. One day, with tears streaming down her face, she confesses that she has already buried hundreds of corpses. She is surprised that I am so shocked by this revelation : « Why does it matter […]