Everything comes from water

Everything comes from water short film – 23′ – development SYNOPSIS In 1957, in a working-class district of Caracas, young José became aware of a reality rife with injustice in a country where wealth was pouring in. He became viscerally committed to the revolutionary struggle to change Venezuelan society. Sixty-five years on, José recounts his […]

My almost nothing

My almost nothing short film – 22′ – development SYNOPSIS Mathilde has experienced repeated miscarriages. Based on her own story, Mathilde then takes a historical, geographical and sociological look at miscarriage, raising questions and proposing solutions to change the omerta that persists on women’s bodies. DIRECTION Mathilde Lemiesle & Naruna Kaplan de Macedo SCRIPT Mathilde […]


Allo short film – 15′ – development SYNOPSIS While 11 million people feel lonely in France, associations offer isolated individuals the opportunity to chat over the phone with volunteers. Conceived as a journey through telephone conversations between volunteers and isolated individuals, this animated short film tells the story of an invisible connection: one that forms […]

Nothing is lost

Nothing is lost short film – 23′ – development SYNOPSIS In a factory threatened with closure, Adèle (production manager) and the employees struggle to maintain their recycling and paper-making activity. The arrival of a whimsical buyer will upset the balance of a fragile ecosystem. His “visionary” plan : to convert the plant to produce luxury […]


Butterfly short film – 15′ – 2023 SYNOPSIS In the sea, a man swims. As he swims, memories come to the surface. From his early childhood to his life as a man, all his memories are linked to water. Some are happy, others glorious, others traumatic. This story will be his last swim. It will […]

A burning rage

A burning rage short film – 22′ – 2024 SYNOPSIS Romuald, a member of an anti-migrant group in Calais (France), reveals how he challenged his racist ideals after participating in a meal distribution for refugees. Without reservation, he takes us along in a radical self-examination. DIRECTION Emilien Cancet PRODUCTION Xbo films Following a Master’s degree […]

Still here to tell the story

Still here to tell the story short film – 12’40 – 2024 SYNOPSIS On November 18th, 2018, along the ring road in Calais, Eritreans are watching for the next trucks to England. But that day, on the roundabout just below, the Yellow Vests are fighting their first battle. DIRECTION Emilien Cancet PRODUCTION Xbo films Following a […]

A story of story of story of a Christmas’ story

A Story of the Story of the Story of the Story of the Story of Christmas short film – 8’55 – 2023 SYNOPSIS On Christmas Eve, a family is impatiently waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, one of the guests offers to check on his phone that the news doesn’t announce any hiccups…This was without […]


Gigi short film – 13’55 – 2023 SYNOPSIS From the tormented little mermaid to the fulfilled woman she is today, Gigi tells us about her gender transition with humor and sensitivity. DIRECTION Cynthia Calvi SCRIPT Cynthia Calvi & Gigi PRODUCTION Xbo films TECHNIQUE digital 2D Download the presentation brochure Born in 1991, Cynthia Calvi studied […]

Marcel, Santa Claus (And the pizza delivery boy)

Marcel, Santa Claus (and the little pizza delivery boy) TV special – 45′ – 2023 SYNOPSIS Christmas Eve, somewhere in a gray suburb, a young daydreaming pizza delivery boy named Abdou, meets the real Santa Claus, who’s name is Marcel. The journey of this worn out and tired old man is jeopardized by a stupid […]