Butterfly short film – 15′ – 2023 SYNOPSIS In the sea, a man swims. As he swims, memories come to the surface. From his early childhood to his life as a man, all his memories are linked to water. Some are happy, others glorious, others traumatic. This story will be his last swim. It will […]

A story of story of story of a Christmas’ story

A Story of the Story of the Story of the Story of the Story of Christmas short film – 8’55 – 2023 SYNOPSIS On Christmas Eve, a family is impatiently waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, one of the guests offers to check on his phone that the news doesn’t announce any hiccups…This was without […]


Gigi short film – 13’55 – 2023 SYNOPSIS From the tormented little mermaid to the fulfilled woman she is today, Gigi tells us about her gender transition with humor and sensitivity. DIRECTION Cynthia Calvi SCRIPT Cynthia Calvi & Gigi PRODUCTION Xbo films TECHNIQUE digital 2D Download the presentation brochure Born in 1991, Cynthia Calvi studied […]

Marcel, Santa Claus (And the pizza delivery boy)

Marcel, Santa Claus (and the little pizza delivery boy) TV special – 45′ – 2023 SYNOPSIS Christmas Eve, somewhere in a gray suburb, a young daydreaming pizza delivery boy named Abdou, meets the real Santa Claus, who’s name is Marcel. The journey of this worn out and tired old man is jeopardized by a stupid […]


Radio-Pilotis short film – 14′ – 2023 SYNOPSIS In the middle of sunken houses, wrecks and contaminated ruins, a man shares a shack perched high atop stilts with a cat and an old tape recorder. DIRECTION Sonia Gerbeaud SCRIPT Sonia Gerbeaud & Mathias de Panafieu PRODUCTION Xbo films & Take it Easy TECHNIQUE digital 2D […]

My Tiger

My Tiger short film – 14’10 – 2022 SYNOPSIS Mr K works for a company that manufactures « Pastagel »,  a miraculous product which keeps your hair perfect all day long. Despite his efforts to look like everyone else, his hair refuses to be tamed. Deep down, is Mr K a little too bit rebellious, just like his […]

The Umbrella

The Umbrella short film – 15’33 – 2022 SYNOPSIS The earth is eroded by an incessant rain, its matter collapses, nothing remains of the landscape except a long field and narrow pillars rising against an immense sky. On one of these islands a survivor stands motionless, clinging to his umbrella, his only weapon against the […]

The boy and the elephant

The boy and the elephant short film – 6’44 – 2022 SYNOPSIS The arrival of a new elephant-headed student in class triggers mockery and sarcasm. One of the students seems captivated and disturbed by this strange child. DIRECTION Sonia Gerbeaud SCRIPT Sonia Gerbeaud PRODUCTION Xbo films TECHNIQUE digital 2D, traditional 2D DISTRIBUTION Autour de MinuitLes […]

The crossing

The crossing feature film – 77′ – 2019 SYNOPSIS A looted village, a family on the run and two children chased into exile… Kyona and Adriel flee their pursurers in search of a country with a more lenient regime. During a journey that takes them from childhood to adolescence, they cross a continent obsessed with […]

A peeble in the shoe

A peeble in the shoe short film – 11′ – 2020 SYNOPSIS A new student arrives in class. He is not a student like the others, he is a frog in a class of bunnies. DIRECTION Éric Montchaud SCRIPT Éric Montchaud, avec la participation de Cécile Polard PRODUCTION Xbo films & Nadasdy Films TECHNIQUE puppets, […]