It wasn’t Bourgogne

It wasn’t Bourgogne short film – 6’38 – 2020 SYNOPSIS Between two phone calls, my grandfather tells us war stories from when he was 20 years old. DIRECTION Mathias de Panafieu SCRIPT Mathias de Panafieu PRODUCTION Xbo films TECHNIQUE digital 2D  DISTRIBUTION MIYU Distribution Mathias de Panafieu was born in 1986 in Paris. Passionate about […]

The Hole

The Hole short film – 12’36 – 2020 SYNOPSIS Set to music, the life of a child passes before our eyes. A very small boy is given a hat. He was given a hat so that he could assume his manly role. He’s a cowboy. He begins his life. A gunshot rings. He gets up, […]

The Kiwi – Season 1, 2 & 3

The Kiwi – Season 1, 2 & 3 TV series – 130 x 5′ – 2020 / 2015 / 2013 SYNOPSIS The kiwi offer us an introduction to English. Twiki and Twini lead us through a universe of sounds, words and of course, images. Curious and playful, the Kiwi make a comic duo, akin to Laurel […]

The box

The box short film – 11’07 – 2019 SYNOPSIS What is more ordinary than receiving a package in the mail ? « Yes but… ? And if… » Unfortunate words which lead Chloé to come to improbable hypotheses…Because if anxiety was a religion, Cholé would be its pope. DIRECTION Marie-Pierre Hauwelle SCRIPT Marie-Pierre Hauwelle avec […]

The Survival of the species

The Survival of the species TV pilot – 5′ – 2021 SYNOPSIS All that remains of humanity (and of the world that it knew), are robots and the “Museum of Man” which contains the talking head of Dr. De Wilde, an unlikely prophet, who is unaware of our species’ extinction. Using the depictions of humanity […]

Above all

Above all short film – 10’42 – 2018 SYNOPSIS An archipelago. Two islands. An awakening in flight. Two opposite personalities and their experiences. Two young girls about to take a great leap… DIRECTION Lisa Klemenz SCRIPT Lisa Klemenz PRODUCTION Xbo films TECHNIQUE paint-on-glass animation Cinanima Festival 2018 (Portugal) / Animafest Zagreb World Festival of Animated […]

Jeannot’s story

Jeannot’s story short film – 15′ – 2018 SYNOPSIS 1936. Le Havre. Jeannot meets Léon, a young adolescent who mistakes him for a vacationer. But Jeannot is not on a vacation, he has just returned to France after 65 years of touring the world. Léon reminds him of the enthusiastic Parisian boy he once was, […]

And how’s your prostrate?

And how’s your prostrate? short film – 3’33 – 2016 SYNOPSIS A discussion between two girlfriends : one tells the other about that strange moment when poolside, she learned about her father’s prostrate, the state of its erectile functions, and then, without warning, its nocturnal fantasies. DIRECTION Jeanne Paturle & Cécile Rousset SCRIPT Cécile Mille, Jeanne […]

The Weeping Bird

The Weeping Bird short film – 9’08 – 2016 SYNOPSIS Assam and Seba are brothers who live together peacefully. They survive off their daily catch and their days are paced by their trips to the sea. However, one day, Seba starts to doubt his older brother’s good will. DIRECTION Claire Ledru SCRIPT Claire Ledru PRODUCTION […]

Iâhmès and the Great Devourer

Iâhmès and the Great Devourer short film – 14’17 – 2016 SYNOPSIS Iâhmès, a 10 year old boy who refuses to die. Angry at the gods, he rejects their judgment and flees the city where he was living. Thus begins his path towards acceptance. DIRECTION Claire Sichez & Marine Rivoal SCRIPT Claire Sichez & Marine […]